Title: Shalom Koinonia Title: Peace Fellowship
A tree by a stream with the words: ...like a tree planted by streams of water... Psalm 1
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About Shalom Koinonia

Shalom Koinonia is about helping people find peace with God (shalom) and fellowship with God's people (koinonia). "Shalom" is a Hebrew word meaning a very deep kind of peace; a peace that involves good in all areas of life, not just an absence of strife. "Koinonia" is a Greek word pointing to deep and lasting fellowship; strong relationships among God's people.

Developing good relationship with God, and good relationships with people. That's what Shalom Koinonia is about!


Comments? Questions? Criticism? Please use email to contact the author:

Thomas Edel: TGE@ShalomKoinoinia.org

Shalom . . . Koinonia
Peace . . . Fellowship

Promoting peace with God and fellowship among God's people.
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